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Private Property Services

H+R are an established, independent team of property professionals and specialist surveyors with a broad portfolio of technical building investigation services available to private householders and property owners.

Our highly qualified team of professionals has been assembled from a wide range of technical disciplines including architecture, surveying, environmental science and the natural sciences. Together with individual memberships of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) as well as the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), our team has recognised expertise to perform building investigations for every type and size of property – from small new builds to historic stately homes!

H+R’s building surveys are carefully drawn up and include all the important information as well as practical recommendations for remedial action or refurbishment works, where appropriate. We can obtain additional data from specialist laboratories or academic experts if required.

Our staff are used to working in occupied buildings or that are accessible to the public. We have developed minimally invasive and non-destructive surveying techniques that are minimally-invasive and sustainable.

Our involvement in a project often means that substantial savings can be made on remedial treatments or capital programmes at a later date, and our specialist input is highly valued by mortgage lenders, insurers and loss adjusters.

Our Services

As broad based consultants, H+R have experience across a wide range of building investigations and can assist with many services. For a selection of case studies completed by H+R, click here.

  • We can carry out pre-purchase surveys to help with risk management.
  • We can provide expert material condition and building performance investigations, with particular attention paid to damp penetration, masonry and timber decay.
  • We have particular expertise in building pathology and historic/listed buildings, especially where damp and decay are concerned.
  • We can supply remedial specifications for repair work and refurbishment.
  • We can deliver environmentally sound recommendations and remedial advice that does not require the use of chemicals or unsuitable proprietary systems.
  • We can supply detailed information to help with planning, refurbishment and costing schedules.
  • We can provide valuable information on latent building defects that are relevant to decay and damp affecting the exterior condition of the building, such as pointing and masonry, roof coverings, damp proof courses (DPCs), groundwater levels and rainwater goods.
  • We can give additional information on the nature and extent of timber decay (fungal and insect infestations), as well as its effect on refurbishment.

Every project is aimed at conveying the highest level of information to our client, as well as providing holistic recommendations for any building related issue. Our sustainable, environmentally focused solutions are not based on time-consuming and costly chemical treatments or other damaging interventions. We aim to work with each individual client to preserve, wherever possible, the original material and construction methods of the building in question.